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IT services are referred to as technology functions that are provided with IT support and management. This lets clients use information technology without dealing with the complexities like security, maintenance, resilience, and scalability.

IT support could be offered by a help desk or an SLA that will define the quality of the service. The most common examples of IT services are as follows:

Systems that can help automate certain types of work like a banking system that can deal with account reconciliation.

A software that could be used by people like a platform for customer relationship management.

Applications that can help visual data for its users.

Data Analysis
Applications like statics platform or data mining tools that can be used to determine the meaning in data.

Knowledge Management
Applications for sharing and regulating knowledge like a document management platform.

These are platforms that are designed for publishing information like a content management tool or a blogging platform.

Software for developing and publishing media like a video publishing platform.

Communication tools like email, chat, voice, telepresence, and messaging.

Business Processes
Technologies for starting up and running business process like a workflow engine.

End-User Devices
IT support and management for a range of technology devices. For instance, an IT service in Fayetteville that will manage all of the computer as well as mobile devices that are assigned to the staff at a firm.

Data Processing
Data processing like a cloud computing platform.

Data Storage
Data storage like databases, application data, and files.

They are provided as a managed service like offering marketed data to banks

Information Security
Technologies that secure an information technology environment like a security platform that can watch out for threats and fix vulnerabilities automatically.

This include wired networking and mobile networking.

The idea of IT services or IT support could be extended to managing physical things. For instance, an aircraft engine manufacturer that checks operating jet engines real time as a specialized service to airlines.

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